Trimming the Tree

My publishing company, Bethany House, recently asked their authors to send a picture of their favorite Christmas ornament to post on their Facebook page. I had a very difficult time deciding! Let me take you on a tour of our Christmas tree so you can see why.
These beautiful crocheted ornaments came from my sister-in-law, Marion Engel, who gave them to me a few years ago when she was down-sizing. She hand-made many of them. I loved them so much that they’ve become the theme for my tree.
I have ornaments from my family when I was growing up, purchased at Woolworth’s 5&10 cent store. Remember Woolworths? They were the Dollar Store of the 1950s. Our family couldn’t afford more expensive ornaments.
I also have some that belonged to my husband’s family when he was growing up. They are fragile and fading a bit, but I love them. Very vintage!
A friend of mine made this Pooh Bear for our son Joshua when he was a baby. Poor Pooh Bear is looking a little tattered after all these years, but he’s still a well-loved favorite.
My husband Ken is a professional trumpet-player, and many of his students have given him trumpet ornaments as Christmas presents. I add more musical ornaments to his collection whenever I find some.
Every year since our granddaughter was born, I’ve purchased a small picture-frame ornament so we can watch her grow through the years.
This mailbox ornament that a Canadian friend made for us reminds me of Christmas when we lived in Canada. The mailbox provides a perfect place to hide a clue leading to a present that’s too big to wrap and put beneath the tree.
I have beautiful Delft ornaments that were given to me on my book tours to the Netherlands.
And olivewood ornaments from our trips to the Holy Land.
But my favorite ornaments? It has to be these two:
My son and daughter made them out of Styrofoam and yarn when they were in kindergarten more than thirty years ago.
Every year, our family relives many great memories when we decorate our tree. And now, my wish for you and your loved ones is for a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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