Launch Day

There are two days I look forward to the most in my writing life—the day I turn in the finished manuscript of my novel, and the day the novel is finally released to the public. Tomorrow is launch day for my newest book, “Legacy of Mercy.”

The novel is a sequel to “Waves of Mercy” and features the same main characters. Geesje DeJonge is a 67-year-old widow who told her story of immigrating from the Netherlands in 1847 in the first book. Anna Nicholson is a wealthy 23-year-old woman from Chicago who is engaged to a wealthy banker, and is just beginning her walk of faith under Geesje’s guidance.

I never planned to write this sequel. Aside from my biblical fiction, my books have all been stand-alone novels. But since Anna is only 23, readers of the first book begged me to write about what happens next in her life. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to find out what happens next, too.

As part of my book launch, I have several fun events planned. If you’re in the area, I would love to meet you at one of them and sign a brand-new copy of my book for you.
• On October 2, I’ll be speaking at Christ Memorial Church in Holland, Michigan at 7:00 pm about my writing process and the inspiration for both books.
• On October 4, I’ll be speaking on those same topics at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 7:00 pm.
• I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Holland on Saturday, October 6 from noon until 2.
• And I’ll be at Georgetown Township Public Library in Jenison, Michigan at 7:00 pm on October 9.
• Last but not least, we’re planning another luncheon and bus tour to visit some of the sites around Holland that are mentioned in my books. (Contact Tam Velderman for more information about the tour at

So, how do I entice you to want to read “Legacy of Mercy” without giving away the plot? Well, there’s a mystery that Anna will be trying to solve with a little help from the Pinkerton detectives—a real agency founded in 1850. You may enjoy solving it along with her.
The story takes place in the Gilded Age when society women wore beautiful gowns like these and the one shown on the book cover.
The Gibson Girl hairstyle was a popular look.
And wealthy Chicagoans were building over-the-top mansions to replace the homes destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire.
And staffing them with servants at their back and call.
Every good novel needs a love story, and I hope readers will enjoy the one I’ve created in “Legacy.” Sorry, I can’t tell you who the lucky lovers are, but I hope you’ll be surprised.

I doubt if many of us share Anna’s extravagant lifestyle, but many of us have shared her journey to find God’s purpose for our lives. It’s a theme that’s very dear to me because it also took me a long time to discover my purpose. I love to share my story whenever I’m invited to speak at events because it’s the story of God’s faithfulness. I don’t have the time or space to share it here, but I hope that Anna’s journey will inspire readers who are still seeking.

Finally, I’m giving away two free copies of “Legacy of Mercy” to help celebrate launch day. One winner will be randomly selected from among my newsletter subscribers (go to to subscribe.) The other winner will be chosen from those who leave a comment below. Good luck! And I hope you enjoy “Legacy of Mercy.”


  1. So looking forward to reading “Legacy of Mercy” as I also wanted to know what happened in Anna’s life. I believe that I have the full library of your books which
    I have shared with friends.

    1. Lynn, I recommend your work to ANYONE who asks. I first read your Chronicles of the Kings series and haven’t been able to put your writing down since. I simply adore your biblical fiction and would read anything you wrote from that inspiration. As I wait for more biblical fiction, your other stories have kept me turning the pages. Your character development is so seamless and profound. Thank you for weaving the Gospel of grace through everything you write- the Lord’s fame speeds ahead through your writing.

    2. I love all your books! So does my mom and daughter! I would love to have a signed copy:)
      We can’t wait for this next one!!

    3. I have read every book you have written so far, Lynn. My favorite is “A Light to my Path”. I enjoy your civil war era books so much! You are the author that got me into historical fiction, now my favorite genre. Please keep up the excellent work. Waiting on a new release from you is like waiting on Christmas morning to arrive as a child! “Legacy of Mwr y” sounds amazing and I can’t wait to escape in it.

    4. Loved Waves of Mercy. Can’t wait to read the new book. Thank you so much for writing such inspiring and thoughtful books.

    5. Lynn,
      I read the first book in just a few days. My grandparents came from Holland. They settled in a small part of Northern Wisconsin. Reading, it made me think of them and all they must have gone through. It made me appreciate them more. Ana, her story and how it brought her closer to God and herself touched me greatly. I am looking forward to finding out what happens to her (as well as everyone else).

      1. Hello there dear Lynn;greetings from the Netherlands ! We’ve met in Huizen,this summer,I gave you a crochet doll
        I have a friend named Geesje and I am very curious to reed about yours! God Bless you,love from Holland❤️

    6. Love love love your books!!!
      Looking so forward to reading it. You’re one of our favorite authors!!

    7. I sure hope you write more Biblical fiction as I have learned so much and fallen in love with the OT because of your Chronicles series. Wonderful way of “filling in the blanks” of Scripture, knowing you ave done the research.
      Thanks for all the work you put into your books.
      pat nuffer

    8. Dear Lynn,
      Our daughter has been reading your novels for years and has loved them all. I picked up one of them last year, and you have quickly become one of my favourite authors. I look forward to reading this one as well as the one that precedes. My grandparents immigrated from holland in the early 50’s. Love your work!

    9. A friend recommended your books to me. I am waiting for your latest release to read! My mother has read your books and really enjoys too.

    10. If I could find the words to tell you how much inspiration I revive from reading your books, I would become a writer too. Just know, how grateful I am for your talent and sharing it

    11. Just wanted to leave a note ths t I expected Waves of Mercy to be s fluff book ( I was in the mood for reading fluff) and I was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely loved loved the book and so many beautiful biblical truths hidden in the pages so thank you for that.
      Just found Legacy of Mercy in my library today and was pumped cause I didn’t know there was going to be another one so I’m already half way through it and trying to convince myself to go to bed on time since I’ll have to feed a little in a few hours.
      Just so you know there’s a typo on page 170. Says Anna instead of Christina

    12. I’ve just finished Legacy of Mercy and loved it. I know this is a sequel which you don’t usually write but please write another sequel because the story isn’t finished!!

    1. I’m excited to read this sequel. You are my favorite author. I get so engrossed in your novels , that I feel like I’m really there. You have such a knack for drawing the reader right in.

  2. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book to be released. I always wish your books would go in forever. I’ve read every book of you that I can get my hands in. I would love to have an autographed book for my collection.

  3. I’m thrilled to be able to read more of Anna’s story soon.
    Congratulations on the release of another novel, Lynn!

  4. I absolutely cannot wait to read this!! AS soon as I finished waves of mercy a few months ago, as I passed it along to my mother I said, Ms. Austin needs to write a sequel asap!! I’ve read almost all of your other books and i love them all!! God definitely blessed you with a gift and i thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. I have loved every one of your books…it’s a sad day when I finish one but, I am always left with thoughts and impressions that I “munch” on for days. I am sooo excited to read this one because I am pretty sure I have read everything you have written. I love stories; they are my favorite mode of preaching; I know Jesus had me in mind because he used them to teach and I have learned so much from your books. Keep on writing!❤

  6. Absolutely cannot wait to read this! Once I get my hands on ANY of your books I can’t put them down!
    I love how you blend a little mystery, history, romance and spiritual in each one of your books! You by far are my favorite author & your books always seem to minister to me in perfect timing! God is so good to do that! Thanks for being used by Him & blessing others with your gift!

  7. Once I get my hands on ANY of your books I can’t put them down!
    I love how you blend a little mystery, history, romance and spiritual in each one of your books! You by far are my favorite author & your books always seem to minister to me in perfect timing! God is so good to do that! Thanks for being used by Him & blessing others with your gift!

  8. You’ve quickly become my favorite author. I’ve told all my friends about your books. God bless you and your work.

  9. Thank you Lynn Austin for your great read, every book you’ve ever written is a winner!! You are such a child of God….spreading his good news!!! Please don’t ever stop writing! Lynn Austin is by far my most favorite author!!!!

  10. I was one of the people that just felt like there was more to the story after reading Waves of Mercy, and was thrilled when I heard you were writing this book. I am SO excited to get my hands on a copy of Legacy of Mercy soon. I actually live in MI, but can’t make it to any of your appearances as I broke my fibula, had surgery, and am non-weight bearing and non driving for a while. I hope all the speaking and signing events go well. Congrats Lynn!

  11. So looking forward to the continuation of Anna’s story. I enjoy hearing about the places in Chicago as they developed as well as the settling of the Holland, MI area.

  12. I discovered your books by accident (or so I thought) while searching for another author. The book I downloaded was not the one I set out to purchase but I was hooked from the first sentence. Your books make wonderful gifts, too! Summer is over but it’s never too late for a great read! Thank you so much for using your gift to brighten our days!

  13. I am so looking forward to reading this sequel! Thank you!
    I wish I could attend a book signing and hear you speak sometime.
    Absolutely love your books!

  14. All of your books are so inspiring !
    I can’t wait for this next one !
    Thank you for sharing your gift –

  15. I would live the opportunity to review your book as a possible selection for the ladies bookclub at my church. Please include me.

  16. Looking forward to reading your book! When Carol Graft likes something for her book club readings, so do I! 🙂

  17. Wonderful, and even more excited now to read these little tidbits about the story. I loved “ Waves of Mercy” and even read it a second time this spring when I found out about the sequel. I have my electronic copy preordered and cannot wait to begin. So interesting to read about my home state too!

  18. I would love a signed copy of your second book. I loved Waves of Mercy, and have shared it a few times. I had to replace my first copy and need to get it signed again.

    I would love to go on a tour of all the places in the book, but don’t want to pay much to do so. You could make a map or somehow tell us where all the places are. I’m from Grand Haven and never knew there was a shipwreck there. Thanks

  19. Your books have given me an interest in history that I never had as a child. Each book comes alive with the characters and places. I look forward to reading your new book.

  20. I’m so excited to read this book. Waves of Mercy was quite a “journey” to take with each of the main characters and it will be nice to discover how the rest of their stories play out.

  21. I sent a comment but don’t see it.

    I would love a free signed copy of your next book.

    I thoroughly enjoyed waves of Mercy and had lent it out to several friends. I’m from Grand Haven, and never knew there was a shipwreck there.

  22. I love Lynn’s books. Not sure I can pick a favorite—the series on slavery and the Civil War is very powerful. Looking forward to more reading.

  23. I will say that you are my favorite author. Period. Your books are amazing! I love how your plots are not predictable and go that next step deeper than most other authors do! My favorite are your historical fiction in the Bible era! They made me see books of the Nibke and characters in a whole new light! Congrats on your new book release!!!

  24. I have not read the first book in this series, but now I am going to have to! So excited for you new book. I loved your Chronicles of the Kings series!

  25. I love your books! Thank you so much for the chance to win this book. I haven’t read Waves of Mercy yet, but they both look amazing!

  26. I think Geesje is one of my all time favorite fictional characters. I can relate to her so much- and want to be as kind and refined as her as I get older! Thank you for writing inspiring books!

  27. I can’t wait to read your newest! I love all of your books and I have my bookclub reading one for next month.

  28. I can’t wait to read this book! I have read all of your other books and love them! You are definitely a favorite author!

  29. Enjoyed being part of the launch team. Love your books and how God writes through you. I hear Him in the reflections and conversations of your characters, especially in this story. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  30. Love your books and I’m equally excited about this one!!! I am trying to share it with all my friends so maybe we can do a Lynn Austin Book Club!

  31. I truly can’t wait to read “Legacy of Mercy”. I read Waves of Mercy. Anna, Derk and Geesje became my friends and I became part of the story. I know I will read it over and over. I can’t wait to hear more of Anna’s story.
    I am just finishing Where We Belong. So many of the truths speak to my heart. And learning to trust God. I, too, long to find my purpose in God’s story.

  32. I love your books and always look forward to the new ones coming out! I am very excited to get Legacy of Mercy. My son‘s preschool teacher’s family are from Holland, and his teacher still has family there that she visits from time to time. I gave her Waves of Mercy when it first came out, and she passed it around her family and they fell in love with it. I am going to give her Legacy of Mercy, too. Thank you for the great books!

  33. I have read several of Lynn’s books and enjoyed them very much. This new book sounds so interesting and I know I will enjoy reading it. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.

  34. Thank you Lynn Austin for writing books that are engaging and that point to something deeper. You do this all creatively and without horrible language and pornographic scenes. I am so grateful and look forward to reading all of them! Blessings,

  35. I’m excited to read this series. I LOVED the Chronicles of the Kings and the Restoration Chronicles. I would love to see another biblical series. But I am excited to move ahead a few centuries and delve into a new series. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing with us.

  36. I am looking forward to reading this book after reading Waves of Mercy. So are members of Faith Church, who check out your books regularly from the church library.

  37. what a gorgeous cover. I love reading about God’s faithfulness. I would love to read one of your books. Thanks for a chance

  38. I’ve so enjoyed ALL of the Lynn Austin books I’ve read, but especially Waves of Mercy, and its real connection to the history of the Dutch in West Michigan! I’m anxious to see the story continue with Legacy of Mercy.

  39. I really enjoy your books. This new one looks just as good as all your other books. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  40. Thank you so much for continuing to write books! I can’t wait to read this one. I discovered you about 2 years ago and have read most of them through by now. I really appreciate the depth of research you put into each book. Thank you!

  41. I’m so excited for this book, but I’m always excited for a new book from Lynn.

    Thank you,

  42. I’ve heard other authors talk about characters wanting to tell their story. So glad Anna wanted her story told! Thanks for sharing. I love your books!

  43. Congratulations on the release of “Legacy of Mercy”, Lynn! I am so looking forward to reading this next book in the series. Thank you for the chance to win a copy!!

  44. Fun fact: I am from Danville, Virginia, the birthplace of the inspiration for the Gibson Girl. Irene Langhorne Gibson was born in Danville and went on to marry Charles Dana Gibson, the artist who created the “ideal” woman for the Victorian era.

  45. Discovered you as an author a few years ago and have simply loved reading your books. I loved Waves of Mercy so am really looking forward to reading Legacy of Mercy to find out how the story continues. And have asked my local library to buy the book – they bought the first one as well 🙂

  46. My sister got me tuned into your novels, and am I glad! I have read at least half of your books and even take notes on special inspirational thoughts. I just finished “Waves of Mercy” and am excited about “Legacy of Mercy” coming out. I appreciate the research and time you put in to make everything authentic historically. I tell everyone they need to read the Chronicles of the Kings and the Restoration Chronicles and how much I enjoyed them as well as how they have been a big help in my spiritual walk. Bless you.

  47. Lynn,thank you so much for giving us a sequel! The books just keep getting better and better.Thank you for sharing your talent once again, and please keep writing!

  48. I am so thankful for your writing, and how you faithfully use and share what God has given you. Like so many others have said here, you are my favorite author and I, too, have several of your books out on loan to friends. May God continue to bless you richly!

  49. Waves of Mercy was an excellent novel, taking the reader on quite an adventure as the characters’ lives were revealed with all the mysteries contained therein. It will be interesting to see how the rest of their stories play out, and what role the Pinkerton Agency plays. Perhaps more questions and hopefully more answers for these “friends” we’ve made.

  50. I have enjoyed each of your books but I think Waves of Mercy was my favorite because I learned more about my ancestors. I am eager to read the sequel.

  51. Congratulations, Lynn! I can’t wait to read this sequel to Waves of Mercy. Thank you for listening to your readers’ comments and suggestions. You’re the best!!

  52. I read Waves of Mercy and Legacy of Mercy yesterday and today (I’m home fighting a cold, so what else was there to do?!). I loved them both!

  53. My daughter-in-law introduced me to your books, with a gift of Waves of Mercy, and both my daughter and I loved it. We can become so smug and comfortable in our 21st Century lives, not realizing how this way of life was built upon the struggle and sacrifice of previous generations. Your characters exemplify this so well. I have also been tuned in to your “Old Testament” books!

  54. A good friend if mine just told me about “The King’s Chronicles”. I can honestly tell you I have never read 5 books in a 12 day period in my entire life. I work full time and 6 days a week. I literally couldn’t put the books down. Now I have my son reading them next and my husband after that. You are so blessed and gifted. I would love to read all your books. Thank you for deepening my interests especially about the Old Testament.

  55. May you be blessed abundantly today. May you be guided by the Divine Author when you write of His people. I enjoy the way your characters depend on Him & seek Him in the circumstances they are in. It is very uplifting & encouraging & an example to me in the circumstances I find myself in, in my life. thank you. Norma

  56. Lynn, I just ordered your new book. I’ve been waiting (not patiently) for It as I, too, felt I needed to know more about Anna,
    Love your blog. Happy to hear about another granddaughter!! So exciting!! Jan Wiebe

  57. Can’t wait to read this newest book. May it’s launch into the reader’s world be all you imagined it to be.

  58. Both of these books sound so interesting. Historical fiction is not my favorite. But I have enjoyed the few that I’ve read. I look forward to reading these two books.

  59. I have been looking for something new to read and I think I’ve found them in your books! I am downloading the first book of this series onto my Kindle today and adding the newest book to my wish list.

  60. Lynn, I love your books and have been watching for this new one to come out.
    Thank you for using your God given talent to enrich out lives.

  61. I would love to read your book. I love to read books where either or both the heroine and hero have a faith journey. And then you threw in the pinkertons. Yes!!! I need to read these books. Thank you for this wonderful chance.

    1. Oh, you will love ALL her books! !
      Get ready to be addicted and want to read EVERY thing she writes! ! New Favorite Author on your horizon. 😉

  62. I’ve read a few books about Pinkerton detectives and I always find them fascinating. I would love to read Legacy of Mercy.

  63. Loved the description of your book, and would like to be entered in your contest. I am also a new subscriber to your newsletter, please enter me in your subscribers contest as well. Your story about your wedding was great. I had a similar type of wedding–it is quite a contrast to the recent weddings of the friends of my college-aged daughter.

  64. Dear Lynn,
    I have just been introduced to your blog through an email from Bethany publishers and thought I would like to send you a note. I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was when I started to scroll down through the comments of others and realized how very many other people are enjoying your books as much as I do. (Although I’m sure there is no one whose enjoyment truly equals mine!). Your stories of Old Testament times and peoples opened up my interest, knowledge and fascination of those times in an incredible way. I pray the Lord will lead you to write MORE!
    I know I’m rambling on but I have to mention your ” Pilgrimage ” book as well. I was thankful to be able to share in your chance to take part in a “dig” in the Holy Land, a dream that will never come true for me, so I enjoyed sharing in your experience and the imaginations it spawned.
    I feel I have discovered ” a kindred spirit” as Anne would say in that we share the same love of biblical history, the same name and the same awesome Lord and Saviour!!!
    Lynn Wagner
    Golden Lake

  65. Dear Lynn, Hi! I have read a number of your books and have always enjoyed them. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to enter a giveaway! Would love to win a print copy of your newest book! Thanks, again, and God bless! Lual Krautter krautter12ATbresnanDOTnet

  66. Oh, I am so looking forward to your new book! My and friend and I first discovered your amazing fiction two years ago in bookclub where we read While We’re Far Apart. I’ve enjoyed many more ever since (the latest being Wonderland Creek). Your stories take place in such unique settings and time periods that leaves me wanting more! After each finished book, I’m left wishing for a sequel! Ha, and now I get one! YAY!! The Lord has gifted you with an amazing skill and has even — USED your work to encourage me in my life! THANK YOU!

  67. I read Waves of Mercy and loved it. I look forward to reading Legacy of Mercy. I know it will be great. I’ve read most of your books and they never disappoint. Your characters seem so realistic and I love how you intertwine the truth of God’s word into the storyline.

  68. I would love to win one of your books! I’ve read one, and it’s definitely made me want to read more. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!


  69. Hi Lynn.. I love all your books. I have 3 daughters and I have introduced them to your books and of course they love your books too. I am currently reading Wonderland Creek to my 16 year old which I read to my other girls as well. Really love that book, but I don’t think I could pick a favorite. Thanks for writing such wonderful books for us to enjoy!

  70. I always greatly enjoy your books and am looking forward to this new release. I am curious if you have any plans to do more WWII era novels?

  71. Dear Mrs. Austin:
    I’ve enjoyed reading your books and this book sounds like another page-turner for me! The cover is beautiful and pleasing, you must have done a lot of excellent planning for that, as well as developing the Legacy of Mercy story. Christian historical fiction is my favorite genre.

  72. I just finished Legacy of Mercy and it now is my favorite book of yours that I have read!!! This book touched my spirit and I cried in so many places especially towards the ending. Thank you for your wonderful writing ability. The books you write become so real to me and I have loved all of them. Keep up the great books that you bring to us women. They are again so awesome.
    May the Lord bless you and yours.


  73. I just finished Legacy of Mercy and it now is my favorite book of yours that I have read!!! This book touched my spirit and I cried in so many places especially towards the ending. The books you write become so real to me and I have loved all of them. Keep up the great books that you bring to us women. They are again so awesome.
    May the Lord bless you and yours.


  74. I just finished Legacy of Mercy and it now is my favorite book of yours that I have read!!! This book touched my spirit and I cried in so many places especially towards the ending. The books you write become so real to me and I have loved all of them.
    May the Lord bless you and yours.


  75. I just finished Legacy of Mercy and it now is my favorite book of yours that I have read!!! This book touched my spirit and I cried in so many places especially towards the ending. You
    May the Lord bless you and yours.


  76. I just finished Legacy of Mercy and it now it is my favorite book of yours that I have read! Thank you for such a touching story. It was so real to me. I love your books and have read all of them.
    May the Lord bless you and yours.


  77. A new book! ! From my new favorite author! I have been recommending your Chronicles Series to everyone, including a Gospel Doctrine Teacher at the my church as we are studying about Isaiah right now.
    You are such a talented writer, thank you for sharing your God given talents and for always recognizing the true source. Your testimony is inspiring!

  78. Just finished Waves of Mercy this afternoon (powerful last few chapters btw–went back and reread the first chapter too), having no idea there was a sequel. Very excited now for this new book and the loose ends it will theoretically tie up! Glad to see these characters continue on…..

  79. Dear Lynn Austin,

    Wow!! What a fantastic book (WAVES OF MERCY) is. In fact, so good I had to go out and buy, it so I could share it with friends. So many examples of life, and how God uses them for good when we don’t understand the WHY.

  80. Just read Waves of Mercy and I am now reading Legacy of Mercy. I am hoping there will be a book three in this series. I love reading about this family.

  81. Dear Lynn Austin, I am so glad I found a Christian writer that gives so much pleasure, historical information and excellent prose that can be read over again. You must have spent many hours in research for your novels. Yet they become real characters of today. friends you feel as if you know. I tell my family that you are the author to read today.

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