A Giveaway Giveaway!!

Thank you all for submitting your entries in the Giveaway-Giveaway, it’s been such a blessing to hear all your stories and to witness your generous spirits.

WEEK ONE’S WINNER IS: CINDY from the Bronx as submitted by Ashley Reyes! Congrats! Your book is in the mail!

WEEK TWO’S WINNER IS: Tracy Schaan as submitted by Melanie Horsman!

WEEK THREE’S WINNER IS: Tina Riley as submitted by Peggy Trotter!

I still have TWO MORE BOOKS to give away, so keep your entries coming!

As the Bible says, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). So, in order to launch  my newly renovated website, I’d like to give YOU  the opportunity to give away a copy of my most recent book, “All Things New.”  I would love to send “All Things New” to the person or place that you, my readers, think would enjoy a copy. You can choose a person, a church, a school, a library, or any other organization.

All Things New Cover Pic

Here’s how it works:

I will be giving away one SIGNED copy of “All Things New” every week for the next three weeks. All you have to do is visit my new website and go to the “Contact” page. Enter your name and email address in the message and tell me the name and address of the person or organization you’ve chosen.  That’s all. And see? Isn’t it more blessed to give than to receive?

***Please enter only one person or organization. And please, only one entry a week per person. Thanks!***