ÒIt’s August already. I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown past! I’ve only begun to enjoy all of my favorite things about this season—and I do love summer. In fact, I love all four seasons. With only two exceptions, I’ve lived most of my life in places where the four seasons were evenly spaced with three full months to enjoy each one—the cool, daffodil days of spring; the hot, sit-on-the-beach days of summer; the crisp, multicolored-leaves days of fall; and the frigid, snow-filled days of winter.

One of those exceptions was the two years my husband and I spent living in Bogota, Colombia back in the mid-1970s. You would think those would have been hot, steamy days living s22050_517977682604_2034486_no close to the Equator. Not so! The city of Bogota perches on a plateau in the Andes Mountains nearly 9,000 feet high. The weather is spring-like year-round, averaging only in the 50s and 60s. A jacket is a daily necessity. So is an umbrella. It rained every single day the entire time we lived there. If we longed for sunshine and warmth, we had to take a bus down a precarious mountain road to the “hot country.” There were trade-offs to being warm; the sunny “hot country” came with lizards and Palmetto bugs on the walls, and snakes as big around as my arm, and spiders the size of saucers. I learned to get used to the rain.

IMG_4125The other exception was the eleven years that our family lived in Canada—first in Thunder Bay, Ontario, then in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I still experienced all four seasons while living there, but they weren’t evenly-divided into three months apiece. We waited forever for spring, and once had a blizzard with three feet of snow on my husband’s birthday, April 15. I brought my daughter home from the hospital after her birth in May, wrapped in layers of blankets and sweaters. Summer was hot and very brief. We learned to harvest our tomatoes by the end of August or risk frost on the first of September. Fall passed swiftly, too. When we finally returned to the U.S., our Canadian-born kids complained that “It just doesn’t feel like Halloween without snow.” Of course, the longest season of all was winter, with typical thermometer readings of 40 below zero. The temperature often stayed below zero for an entire month.

ÒI think that whichever climate we grow up with seems “normal” to us for the rest of our lives. I live in Michigan now, which has a climate very similar to that of the Hudson Valley in New York State where I grew up. Both are orchard-growing regions where the countryside transforms into a ruffle-blossomed paradise in springtime. Is there anything better than a crisp apple picked right off the tree when the fall days begin to cool? Christmas is nearly always a white one. And glorious summer thunderstorms often rumble through in the evenings after a hot, humid summer day.

God promised Noah after the flood that “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease” (Genesis 8:22). I’m so glad He kept that promise!

But right now it’s still summer. And here are some of the things I love most about this season:

Plump, juicy

Reading thick novels on my front porch swing.

Feeling sand between my toes.

Watermelon and corn on the cob.

Picnics with my family.

Sleeveless blouses and cotton shorts.

Colorful flip flops.

Riding my bicycle to the beach.

Ice cream cones.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite things about summer?

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  1. I’ve just recently retired and am allowing myself this very pleasant diversion of reading and
    liking all of the above. I live not far from Hudson Valley NY in the Catskill Mts. and so enjoy
    your wonderful observations. A year or so ago a friend in our church brought in some novels
    to share – they were all written by Lynn Austin. Well, none of us could read them fast enough
    and even researched CBD & the local library to read any others that we missed. I’m usually
    (lately) the one who would go to the library. But, when we read them all and found out there
    was a new book coming “Pilgrimage” , I couldn’t wait til it came to the library and actually bought
    a copy and promptly shared with my friends. I also pre-ordered “Waves of Mercy” and am
    looking forward to reading and sharing again. I especially liked the Old Testament novels
    and my favorite of the others is “A Proper Pursuit” (esp. “Haughty & Naughty” and the others
    I laughed out loud so many times and was so glad when I read your blog at the time that said
    you had the most fun writing that book, since I had the most fun reading it. You are so gifted
    and blessed and are a blessing to us all as you share that Light so wonderfully with us all. My prayer is that you have many more years of sharing the gift of your inspired writing with us.

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