IMG_0262Don’t you hate it when the batteries go dead on devices you rely on like cell phones and laptops and tablets? But when we use them incessantly without taking time to plug them in, they eventually run down and stop working. After a year of hard work, I just completed another novel, and I have to admit that my creative batteries are dead. Totally dry. Used up. It’s time to take a break from writing (even if it’s a
very short one) and recharge my batteries. How will I do it? I think everyone has to discover the best way they personally recharge, but here’s what works for me.

IMG_0118Reading – Of course I’m always reading. But as I race toward the finish line on my manuscript, I put in such
long days at the computer that I don’t have time to read for pleasure. I feel like I’m all out of words! I’ve used them all up! It’s time to fill my head and heart with lots of new ones. I’m heading to the library and the bookstore for piles and piles of books so I can gorge myself on them. I’ll know I’ve reached my fill when words of my own start playing in my head again.

P1030135Beauty – God’s creation is all around me if I take time to look, but when I’m under deadline, stopping to smell the roses just doesn’t happen. My world shrinks to two rooms—office and bedroom. I need to expand my world again and take time to notice the beautiful things all around me. Thankfully, I was blessed to enjoy my recharging session on gorgeous Sanibel Island in Florida last week. I enjoyed daily walks on shell-strewn beaches and bike rides through the island’s wildlife sanctuary. It doesn’t get much better than that! Now that I’m home, I’m noticing the snow-covered beauty of Michigan, and I’m ready to describe the beauty of God’s creation in my writing again.

P1030158Friends – Writing is a very solitary job. Sometimes it seems like the only people I talk to are my imaginary characters. To recharge, I need to spend quality time relaxing with real people—especially my friends and family. My husband and I were fortunate to have two of our dearest friends joining us on Sanibel. With plenty of feasting and laughter and bike rides, I came home filled to overflowing, and ready to write about the relationships that are so important in all our lives.

Finding your PromiseQuiet Time With God – Even though I have a regular morning devotional time, it often feels rushed when I’m under deadline. When I’m recharging, it’s wonderful to be able to spend time just relaxing and reading the Bible, along with devotional books from my favorite Christian authors. It’s wonderful to take time to enjoy fellowship with God the way I’ve enjoyed being with my friends in Florida. And I know that the spiritual wisdom from my fellow Christian writers will give me new thoughts and ideas to write about when I’m ready to return to the computer.

Unlike the Energizer bunny, we can’t keep going . . . and going . . . and going . . . What recharges your batteries? How about scheduling a break, even a small one, to power-up for the work God has given each of us to do?