Majestic Mountains

This is the view of the Rocky Mountains that I woke up to every morning last week. My husband and I spent the week vacationing in Estes Park, Colorado with our daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. Each day, we hiked the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. I couldn’t get enough of these awesome mountain views.
I know that the word “awesome” is overused these days and trivialized, but it’s the only word that can begin to describe these mountains. I envy those of you who see views like this every day. Do you ever become so used to them that you stop noticing? I hope not.
Of course, the wonders of God’s creation are all around us if we take time to notice them, but there’s something about this mountain scenery that left me in awe of God’s glory and splendor in a fresh way. At times, I was rendered speechless by their beauty. At other times I wanted to shout, “See these mountains? My Father made them!”
I can understand how people who don’t know God might imagine that He must be like these majestic mountains—cold and distant and inaccessible. But that isn’t how He reveals himself in scripture. We don’t have to labor and strive to climb some lofty, spiritual peak in order to reach Him. Instead, He came down to us through His Son.
And maybe that’s what left me so breathless whenever I gazed at the mountains. Imagine! The Creator of something this enormous and magnificent and beautiful loves you and me!


  1. What a great Father we have! I love mountains too. These are just gorgeous! So glad you got to spend time together in such a lovely place.

  2. Our daughter went to Denver Christian for a one year teaching job and is still there. As a result, we bought into a Flying Dutchman condo and have enjoyed many weeks there over the years. ….biking, hiking, enjoying all the mountains have to offer. Inspiration everywhere….Sundays at an outdoor worship service overlooking Lake Dillon and the mountains. In every visit over 29 years there always was something new to explore. There are a abundance of stories that have been told there…I imagine you may like to research some and give it the Austin perspective. I would LOVE to read about the people who lived there many years ago. Great place to do the research you enjoy doing!

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