The excitement is building. My newest novel, “Chasing Shadows,” will be releasing in just a few weeks. I would love to travel around the country to make the announcement in person and meet readers who’ve been waiting for this book. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible with the current COVID restrictions. Instead, it’s going to take teamwork to spread the word from coast to coast, and I’m relying on my readers more than ever before to help me.

 Some of the work falls to my fabulous Launch Team—more than 100 excited, motivated book lovers who will work with my team director, Christine Bierma, to pass the news to their friends and family members via social media, word-of-mouth, and every other means possible. These team members live all across America, and even in a few foreign countries. They’ll receive a preview copy of “Chasing Shadows” ahead of the publication date so they can read it and begin spreading the word. I’m so grateful to them for their enthusiasm and hard work. 

But even if you’ve never been on an author’s launch team, you can still help your favorite authors promote their books. In fact, we rely on our faithful readers every bit as much as on our launch teams. Here are a few simple things you can do to relieve us of the happy burden of letting the world know we have a new book coming out:

Authors find it hard, sometimes, to ask our readers for their help. But we aren’t asking because we’re greedy and hope to make a lot of money. Most people would be very surprised to learn how low the average author’s yearly income is. And when you divide that income by the huge number of hours spent writing…well, I doubt if it even adds up to the minimum hourly wage. We don’t write books to get rich. We write because we believe in the message of hope and faith that the Holy Spirit inspires us to offer our readers. And so, if a novel has inspired you, please consider helping the author spread her message to everyone you know. Thank you!


  1. Currently reading Chasing Shadows….as always I become immersed in your current books! Thank you!
    Pat in Pennsylvania

  2. I have read everyone of your books and have anticipated reading Chasing Shadows but I do all of my reading on my iPad for personal reasons. I am not able to download it from iBooks. Not sure why.

  3. I just finished reading “Chasing Shadows”. Such a powerful, moving book. This deeply touched me in many ways. I’m always a bit sad after finishing a good book, as I won’t be able to “see” my character-friends anymore. (Silly, I know). Thank you, Lynn, for taking us back to WWII and teaching us about what the people experienced during that time; for reminding us about what is truly important in life; and for challenging our Christian faith! I can’t wait to read your next book! Denise from Holland, MI.

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