Discovering God's Presence in our Everyday Moments

In the busyness of our daily lives, in the challenges and surprises we often face, we don’t always have a sense of Christ’s nearness. We forget to notice all of the little messages He sends to remind us that He is right beside us, watching over us, weaving all things together into a glorious tapestry for our good and for His glory. Instead of leaving God behind after our Sunday morning worship or our daily devotions, what if we tried to cultivate that sense of His presence in our ordinary moments? What if we watched for Him at home, and at work, and everywhere we went?

Sightings is a collection of thoughts and ponderings from best-selling author Lynn Austin as she has learned to look for “God sightings” in the simple moments of life. Each story in this ten-week devotional includes a daily scripture reading and closing prayer. The Something More section at the end of each week provides an extra challenge or activity to encourage readers to dig deeper. Together, these readings make an inspiring addition to a daily quiet time with God, because the truth that we can cling to no matter what our days may bring, is that we are always in His hand.


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