My Imaginary Friends

An introduction to the characters in Waves of Mercy:

Released October 4, 2106

When my daughter was in pre-school she had an imaginary friend named Bareko. She talked about her constantly, and was so convincing that I made plans to invite Bareko to our house for a play date. I figured out that she was imaginary when I didn’t see her name on the class list. Later I learned that my daughter’s entire Sunday school class was praying for Bareko’s brother who had been in some sort of an accident. It’s very embarrassing when your child’s Sunday school teacher asks you for a follow-up report on an imaginary person!

But I have to confess that every time I create new characters for one of my novels, they become real people to me. That’s why it’s always sad to say goodbye to them when the novel ends. It’s like moving to a new city and making new friends, then having to move away again. Yet like good friends, they remain in my mind and heart forever. That’s the way I feel about Geesje and Anna and Maarten and Derk and Hendrik—and I can’t wait for you to get to know them, too.

I admire Geesje’s honesty, her willingness to write a truthful account of her life, including all of her faults and failures. How many of us would be willing to write down the story of our past and allow the people we love to know so much about us? I would certainly balk at the idea!

What I love about Anna is the way she questions things. Most of us would say that she lives a wonderful life of wealth and ease with a family and a handsome fiancé who love her. But Anna is courageous enough to look beneath the surface and ask if this charmed life is really the one God wants her to live.

Then there’s Maarten. I love his constancy and faithfulness—to the people he loves and to God. He is a behind-the-scenes character who fills an important role in the story and in Geesje’s life, whether she appreciates his efforts or not. Are there people like him in your life?

Derk is another one of those secondary characters, and his role is to act as a bridge between Geesje and Anna. He “wears his heart on his sleeve,” and I think his tenderness and compassion toward others will make him a wonderful minister. I’m blessed to have people like Derk in my life, people who love building bridges and bringing strangers together.

Hendrik turned out to be one of my favorite characters, even though I wasn’t too sure about him, at first. As I write my novels, I always create a bulletin board with pictures of what I think my characters look like, and this is the picture I chose for Hendrik:


I think it’s a worthwhile practice to take time to think about our real-life friends and the qualities we most admire most in each one. What lessons have they taught us? Are there ways we wish we could be like them? And when we’re finished, let’s stop and thank God for the gift of good friends!

Happy reading!

Waves of Mercy will be released October 4, 2016

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  1. I feel the same way when I finish one of you novels. feel I am saying goodbye to a friend, That’s why I love it when you write a series.I can revisit a friend!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Marty. I wish I had time to revisit my characters and write sequels to all my stories. I guess we’ll just have to make some new friends.

    1. I am not familiar to writing things down like this on a public web page, but I was really touched by a book of yours. I didn’t manage to find the book’s title in English (English is my third language), but I felt like I owe you a thank you for what your characters thaught me. Abby MacLeod, Ana, Ben, Jake, Ari, Lea, Ruben and the others made me see differently a lot of things- in a good way. There’s redemption for everyone and we must be the light everywhere we go. So, thank you, Lynn, for an amazing novel!

  3. I love it! I just finished Waves of Mercy, and the development of the characters in it is amazing! They are like friends. They are so REAL! And so is the storyline. I marvel at how you play with the reader’s mind so that I’m never quite certain what will happen. I love the picture of Hendrik. It made me laugh. I can almost picture him raking his hair so that it stands on end! 😉

  4. Loved Waves of Mercy. Having graduated from Hope College and being married to a Dutchman, I loved everything about the setting, the characters and the message. Thank you so much.

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